Post Event - Suzhou Appreciation Meeting 11th edition, 11th May 2018

14 五月 2018

On May 11th the China-Italy Chamber of Commerce, in collaboration with the Suzhou Municipal Foreign Affair Office and the Consulate General of Italy in Shanghai, organized the 11th Suzhou Appreciation Meeting.

The strong presence of Italian companies in Suzhou makes this event a notably interesting moment of dialogue for the relations between Italy and China.

As underlined by the General Consul Mr. Stefano Beltrame, the support offered by the Suzhou Municipality towards the Italian Business Community in the area has been, and still is, particularly valuable.

Talking about enterprises means talking about academic education, too. The deep collaboration between Chinese and Italian Government found a new actualization in this 11th edition: a historic Memorandum of Understanding was signed among University Ca’ Foscari of Venice, Soochow University and the China-Italy Chamber of Commerce. Providing for training programs lasting from 2 to 6 months, this tool meets the companies’ needs that can now solve their difficulties concerning the trainee recruitment. This topic is very sensitive to the Italian Business Community, as it was remembered during the enterpreneurs annual meeting held in Yanqi Lake.

The Director of Suzhou Foreign Affairs Office, Mr. Xu Huadong celebrated the Suzhou Appreciation Meeting platform and the integration opportunities it can offer, wishing for new future collaboration.

During the event there were also deep analysis about the current changes: the Chairman of the China-Italy Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Davide Cucino, proposed the possibility to establish a Career Day in Suzhou, and also officials-exchanges between Suzhou and Italy.

The speech of Riccardo Campanile, Suzhou Chapter Coordinator, gave some data about the presence of Italian companies in Suzhou, stressing that the Italian SMEs were provided the best support by the Suzhou Municipality.

Before the Q&A session, moderated by Ms. Emanuela Vizzarro, Shanghai and Suzhou Office Manager, two Italian companies talked about their personal experience in Suzhou, waiting for the next Business Forum: Rexfull (represented by the General Manager, Wang Xiaobo) and Eutron (represented by the General Manager, Mr. Roberto Saponaro).

The final part of the meeting was dedicated to a Q&A session, an important occasion to make some question to the Suzhou Municipality’s representatives. They looked very willing towards the Italian companies, that were invited to directly contact the Municipality to solve their difficulties in the shortest time.

The event was followed by a meeting in the VIP Room, at the presence of political institutions of both China and Italy. With the Suzhou Mayor, Mr. Nie Biao, the General Consul formalized his greetings and wished for a closer collaboration, since.the Suzhou and Venice twinning Anniversary.

The Suzhou Appreciation Meeting ended with a lunch that involved all the participants and VIP guests.

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