POST EVENT - Webinar: “The experience of Italian agri-food businesses in China following COVID-19” - April 29th, 2020

07 五月 2020

Dear Members and Friends,

The China-Italy Chamber of Commerce (CICC) is glad to inform you that the webinar "The experience of Italian agri-food businesses in China following COVID-19" was successfully held online on Wednesday April 29th, 2020.

The webinar focused on the repercussions that COVID-19 is having on Italian companies in China which operate in the agri-food sector. As a matter of fact, the agri-food sector has been experiencing a strong slowdown due to the temporary closure of businesses, the limitations imposed by the quarantine period and the imposition on norms to host clients. In addition, the spread of the virus in Italy may have caused a discouragement in the purchase of Italian products.

The meeting was moderated by Giulia Gallarati, CICC Secretary General, who opened the webinar presenting the True Italian Taste project.

Following, the webinar featured the topics and speakers below: 

  • Digital ways to help your F&B business by Edoardo Noce, F&B Working Group Vice-Coordinator, Marketing Manager at FABBRI 1905

  • Issues related to the supply chain of Italian products – Ciro Cristiano, General Manager at Inalca Food&Beverage Shanghai

  • How to restore customer’s confidence toward Italian products – Marino D’Antonio, Executive Chef at Frasca Restaurant

  • Overview of the current situation within the Italian F&B sector China – Cristina Corsini, CICC F&B Working Group Coordinator, CEO and Founder of Good Italy Ltd.

  • Case study: TikTok for the sale and promotion of F&B products – Francesco D’Aprile, Partner at CNIT New Frontiers

The webinar was followed by a Q&A session during which participants had the opportunity to ask their questions to the presenters. 


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