Results Suzhou Chapter (SCH) elections

06 七月 2020

Dear Members and Friends,


The China-Italy Chamber of Commerce (CICC) is pleased to announce the results of the Suzhou Chapter (SCH) elections held on July 6th, 2020 at Piovan Plastics Machinery (Suzhou) co. ltd:


Coordinator: Flavio Zaghini, General Manager, PIOVAN PLASTICS MACHINERY (SUZHOU) Co. Ltd.

Vice-Coordinator: Gunther Klein, General Manager, EDT Diecasting Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.


CICC Board and Team want to thank Mr. Flavio Zaghini and Mr. Gunther Klein for their availability and commitment as new leaders of the Suzhou Chapter.

They will inform the SCH about the next meeting and SCH activities.


Many thanks for your kind attention,

Best regards,




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