"Robotics Automation & Artificial Intelligence" Seminar - Shanghai, 19th June - Post Event

20 六月 2018


On Tuesday 19th the China-Italy Chamber of Commerce held the "Robotics Automation & Artificial Intelligence" seminar.



The purpose of the seminar was to discuss various aspect of robotics automation and artificial intelligence in different fields. Thanks to the contribution of four speakers with a solid academic background, the topic presented were the following:

Rosanna Terminio, Managing Partner of AsecorpChina Business Consulting, talked about the advent of Robotics, Automation and Artificial Intelligence (RAAI) and the way it will affect the workforce.

Francesca Hansstein, Research Assistant Professor at Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (SUFE), provided an overview on consumer behavior and artificial intelligence, starting from market data and proceeding with consumer knowledge about AI, perceived benefits and threats, popular AI devices and technologies used by consumers and differences by geographical areas.

Avril Accolla, Design Director and Co-founder of IDI & Associate Professor in Design at Tongji University, introduced the topic of designing human interfaces and the industrial challenge to stay relevant and achieve return on investment.

Camilla Luni, Research Associate Professor Shanghai Institute for Advanced Immunochemical Studies (SIAIS) & Shanghai Tech University, discussed about micro engineering human tissues on chip.



The seminar ended with the Q&A session, where participants showed a strong interest on this topic by raising many questions to the speakers, who had the opportunity to further discuss the implications of AI in their own area.

Following the Q&A session, the guests had the opportunity to experience a networking cocktail, with beer provided by Peroni, wine by Interprocom and food by Bella Napoli.
The event was hosted by The Executive Center.




The China-Italy Chamber of Commerce would like to thank all participants for attending the seminar and all partners for the successful cooperation!


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