Call for Designer: Panda d’Oro Gala Awards 2023

19 April 2023


The China-Italy Chamber of Commerce (CICC) is looking for a design company or freelance to create the key visuals for the upcoming Panda d’Oro Gala Awards 2023

This event is the highest award recognized by the CICC to those Companies, Members of CICC, and Friends of CICC, whose business strategies have seized opportunities and achieved remarkable results during the previous year, strengthening the development of business relationships between Italy and China. 

Panda d’Oro 2023 will be held on June 10th, 2023.



1. Concept design | Key visuals about Panda d’Oro 2023 – 12th edition;

2. Fil rouge | 1. The theme for the background of the evening; 2. Motto to include in the whole communication;

3. Concept declination | To use in pre-event communication;

4. Concept application | To use during the event (key visuals - on the backdrop, signing wall, both foyer and hall applications);

5. Booklet | Introduction of the gala and of the sponsors.




Please send your company’s presentation, proposal, and quotation WITH THE POTENTIAL SPONSORSHIP to by APRIL 28th, 2023

The results of the tendering shall be announced by email after proper evaluation. 



  • Participation in tendering is open to CICC Members and non-Members; 
  • Tenderers must possess the necessary knowledge, experience, technical support, and personnel capable to run the tender; 
  • Tenderers can submit more than one tender;
  • The presentation must provide complete information, be drafted in Italian or English, and be signed; 
  • It is the responsibility of the tenderer to study the specifications and requirements before submitting the tender. 



The Supplier selection will be run by taking into account the event's requirements and the lowest bidding price received. 

If the bidding price is the same or the service/goods supplied are free of charge, CICC will give priority to its Members and it will select the first submitted bid meeting the standards required. 

If no applications are submitted by the Members of CICC, then CICC has the right to select the most appropriate application submitted by one of the non-Member companies.

In the case of services offered for free or discounted by technical sponsors, we propose the following benefits:

Technical sponsors’ benefits:

  • Company logo on the communication material of the gala; 
  • Company promotion on CICC’s social networks; 
  • Company logo visibility on CICC's monthly newsletter and on CICC's website; 
  • Discounts when taking part in CICC's events; 
  • Discounts on CICC’s services; 
  • Discount on CICC's Membership fee (either new Members or renewals). 

Please note that the amount and duration of benefits will be based on the sponsorship offered.



The following circumstances will prompt immediate exclusion from the tendering process.

  • In case of non-compliance with the conditions of the tendering process; 
  • In case of non-compliance with this open invitation to tender; 
  • In case of submission of false data; 
  • In case of submission after the specified deadline. 




The China-Italy Chamber of Commerce attracts the Sino-Italian business community, Italian and Chinese institutions, and the Italian and Chinese press. Guests attending the event are usually more than five hundred.


Organized by the China-Italy Chamber of Commerce, the “Panda d’Oro Award – 12th edition” will award those companies that contributed to the development and consolidation of economic bilateral relations between Italy and China.

During this event, prizes are given to the companies that have excelled in the award categories predetermined by the CICC. The award categories change every year, this edition will entail 10 prizes, 9 will go to Italian companies and 1 to a Chinese company.

Please find HERE the post-event from the last edition held in 2021 as well as a VIDEO of the entire night.


This Awarding Ceremony has been held almost every year since 2010. This event is a unique opportunity to publicly recognize companies' accomplishments in the previous year and to promote Made in Italy and the Italian lifestyle in China as CICC's core values.


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