CALL FOR TENDERS – Italian Grand Gala Panda D’Oro Awards 2018

30 March 2018

Dear Members and Friends,

The CICC is looking for vendors that, by providing services, will be able to contribute to the success of the most important Italian Excellence Awarding Ceremony in China, the Grand Gala Panda D'Oro Awards, that will be held on 9th June in Shanghai.

In particular, the CICC is looking for different vendors that can provide the following services:

Event set-up and management (construction items, audio-video system, lighting set-up)
Video production (animated video content)
Goodie Bags production


1. If your company can provide any of the services mentioned above please contact us at to express your interest. The CICC will send you the Application Form with more details regarding the Call to allow you to prepare a complete proposal.

2. Send your proposal: Fill in the form, scan it and send it to together with the full proposal and quotation before the deadline. Deadline: Friday 13 April.

3. Get the results: After examination of the required documentation, the CICC will inform you about the results via email. Deadline: Thursday 19th April.




Participation in tendering is open to CICC Members and no Members
Companies competing in the tender must have the necessary knowledge and experience and have the technocal support and personnel capable to run the tender
Company may submit more that one tender
 The tender is to be drafted in Italian or English, filled in and signed
It is the responsibility of the tenderer to study the specification and requirements before submitting the tender


The selection of the Supplier will be made according to the Event's requirements
The selection of the Supplier will be made according to the lowest bidding price received
If the bidding price is the same or the service/goods are supplied free of charge, the Chamber will give priority to the members of the Chamber first and will select the first submitted bid that will meet the standards of quality indicated
If no applications are submitted by the mebmers of the Chamber, the Chamber has the right to select the most appropriate application submitted by one of the non-member companies present on CICC database
The Supplier shall be excluded from the tendering:

In case of not meeting conditions of the tendering process;
In case of non-conformity with the hereby open call for tender;
In case of submitting false data;
Late submission.

The results about the tendering shall be announced by email.




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