12 March 2019

Dear Members and Friends,

The CICC is going to launch a series of monthly events in Guangzhou, including seminars and networking that will take place in the upcoming months.

We are looking for venue sponsors for seminars in March, April, May.

For the series of seminars in March, please send us your application within Mar 15th, 2019; for seminars in April, please send your registration within Mar 22nd, 2019; for those in May, please apply within Mar 29th, 2019.

Please, send us your proposal with an introduction of the venue (evaluation criteria below).

Evaluation Criteria

The selection of the venue sponsors will be made according to the contents/needs relevant to the seminar.

The Chamber will give priority to the Members of the Chamber first and will select the first submitted bid that will meet the standards indicated.

If no applications are submitted by the members of the Chamber, the Chamber has the right to select the most appropriate application submitted by one of the non-member companies present on the vendor list, giving priority to the “partners” of the Chamber first.

The Venue sponsors shall be excluded from the Call:

  • in case of not meeting conditions of the call process;
  • in case of non-conformity with the hereby open call;
  • in case of submitting false data;
  • late submission.

Send your proposal within the indicated date below to the following email address:

Application deadline:

March session – within 15th March, 2019

April session – within 22nd March, 2019

May session – within 29th March, 2019


Kind regards,


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