Discovering Risotto and Wine

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What`s Risotto?
Risotto is a traditional Italian rice dish and it`s one of the most common ways of cooking rice in Italy. Its origins are in North Italy, specifically Eastern Piedmont, Western Lombardy and Veneto, where rice paddies are abundant. It is one of the pillars of Milanese cuisine.

Cennatoio  Presentation

Cennatoio is a working estate run by the Alessi family since 1970. From Cennatoio one can immerse oneself in the view of the spectacular panorama of the Chianti region; its rolling hills covered in olive groves, vineyards, castles, churches and immense oak woods, make it the most beautiful landscape. The peculiar composition of the soil clayish, stony and hard to work and the fortunate exposure to south are the secret ingredients for the growth of the Sangiovese Grosso, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot grapes. The last two have amazing flavors that enhance full-bodied wines, giving hints of wild berries and softness to big wines. Cennatoio`s vineyards cover 10 hectares of land geographically located south/southeast on the border between Florence and Siena.

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Live Risottos 
(3 Risottos + 3 Wines)
Traditional risotto Milanese
 "Rosso Fiorentino" Wine by Cennatoio
Risotto with Chianti, black truffle and pecorino cheese
 "Cennatoio Oro" Wine by Cennatoio
Risotto Primavera, green asparagus, fava beans, zucchini, spinach, Parmesan
"Ruchè Sant`Agata Na Vota" Wine by Cennatoio

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