Job description: 

Position in the Organization: report to GM and Italy HQ


  1. Deal with Marketing and business promotion effectively.
  2. Direct reporting to Top Management both locally and at the Italian headquarters.
  3. Participate as an interpreter following important meetings with management clients and to attend delicate negotiations.
  4. Operate and keep good relationships with media, being able to localize campaigns inspired by Central Marketing and to produce promotional material.

Position: Suzhou. Can be home based preferring in Suzhou/Shanghai but go to Company when necessary.

Number of holidays: regular holidays for China + annual leaves

If you are interested  in this position please contact us



Education Background: 
  • Bachelor degree
  • Ability to actively attend situations similar to main responsibilities described above
  • Organizational and event management skills
  • Possess experience in international contexts
  • Excellent knowledge of Italian, English and Chinese (HSK5/HSK6)
  • Microsoft Office(Word, Excel, PPT, etc)
  • Proactive, loyal and engaged

Italian applicants already residing in China (possibly in Shanghai or Suzhou) will be preferred. 

Company Info: 

 Asecorp China is a leading European Group in metal processing machinery, industrial electronics and laser solutions. 

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