2017 China Hai’an Investment and Trade Cooperation Conference

18 November 2017


Dear CICC Members and Friends,

Hai’an ecological park as Friends CICC is glad to annouce “China Hai’an Investment and Trade Cooperation Conference in 2017” that will be held in Hai’an  on 18th November (Saturday) in order to promote the development of Hai’an ecological park enhancing Sino-Italian industrial cooperation.


The memorandum of understanding on jointly supporting the establishment of Sino-Italian Ecological Park was signed by Chinese Minister of Commerce Gao Hucheng and Italian Minister of Economic Development Guidi under the witness of Chinese Premier Mr. Li Keqiang and Italian Premier Mr. Renzi in 2014. This project has become the only intergovernmental cooperation project that was settled in county-level city.


12:00-13:30  Lunch

14:00-16:30  China Hai’an Investment and Trade Cooperation Conference in 2017

16:00-18:00  Investment Promotion Meeting of Sino-Italian Hai’an Ecological Park


If you wish to attend please contact Yang Yang before Friday morning if you need to participate in the event and he will arrange the transfer from Shanghai to Hai’an on Saturday morning. Hai`an will refund long-trip tickets. 

For further information please contact:  Email: leonardoyy@126.com


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