Automotive Market | What to Expect from the Second Half of 2022

09 June 2022

On June 6th, our Mechanical Engineering Working Group (MEWG), with the support of Carlo Nizia, MEWG Vice Coordinator and Risk Management at UFI FILTER, held its fourth webtalk of the series called "Sharing Is Caring: Issues for the MEWG in China”.
"After a difficult period of 2 months we are re-opening businesses with hearts full of hope" – stressed Carlo Nizia.
The webinar, with almost 40 participants online, has collected testimonials by famous brands in the automotive market to understand what to expect from the second half of 2022.

Maserati China, Brembo, Icona Design Group, and Deloitte shared their view of the next months of 2022.
The loss of sales and production over the last 2 months along with the hard felt impact on the supply chain and transportation could – according to our experts – be recovered (allocating some margin of error) by the end of the year giving the market a good speed for 2023.

"2022 is not easy, while the needs of auto market is still there. The young generation is very different, they are looking for more high-tech and personalized cars, which could represent their characters. Also the car is a channel of young generation to communicate and connect with the world. Thus our confidence should not be impaired by the temporary obstacles."

Shirley WANG,
Deloitte China Financial Advisory ExCo Member and Innovation Leader,
Deloitte AP "Future of M&A" Committee Member


We thank the panelists for their views and for the generally positive view of the second half of 2022.

CICC and MEWG will follow closely the incentives and support frameworks that the government will release in order to recover the lost ground.



Don’t miss the next appointment of the MEWG Webtalk series “Sharing is caring” focused on Manufacturing and Logistics, which will take place on June 16th, at 11:00 am (Beijing time).

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