Charter Flights Summer 2022 | Call for Interest for Late-Comers

09 June 2022

Dear all,

The Embassy of Italy to the P.R.C. and the China-Italy Chamber of Commerce are continuing their work as per the organization of charter flights from and to Italy for the next summer season.

We are pleased to communicate that in our previous Call for Interest (closed on May 25th) we received a considerable number of requests.

Those who could not fill in the previous “Call” may still register their interest by clicking here until June 9th.

• The link above should be used ONLY by people who HAVE NOT registered to the Call for Interest open from May 18th to May 25th.  Multiple registrations with the same personal details will not be considered.
• For family members: it is necessary to fill in the personal information for each family member (max 5, including infants and children) planning to board the aircraft. Multiple registrations with the same personal details will not be considered.
This is only an expression of interest and does not represent by any means a ticket reservation or booking.

Please consider that, as done in all previous years, for the final booking process priority will be given to Italian Members of the CICC and Italian citizens. The rationale used for bookings will be the “first come, first served” rule. In case of remaining available seats, we will then consider opening up the booking process to other passengers.

Kindly be informed that the tentative date for buying tickets will be communicated at a later stage.

• Tickets for the three charter flights are not open for sales through intermediaries (i.e. travel agencies). Please beware of offers through different channels rather than ours, which disregard and exploit the purpose of chart flights project. Please take into due consideration that tickets booked through other channels will be automatically cancelled;
• Information provided must be true and in compliance with potential passengers’ details;
• In case of clear discrepancy (i.e. not typos) between personal details provided in the form and passengers’ details shared at the moment of booking, the booking will be automatically cancelled;
• Passengers’ data changes will not be allowed;
• Each person has to fill all relevant information on the “Call for Interest” form for every leg he/she is interested in;
• Obtaining the PU-Letter, visa and green Health Declaration Certificate are on passengers` own risk and responsibility;
• Mandatory individual COVID-19 test procedure prior departure to receive the green health code, if different from regular commercial flights, will be communicated on a later date.

Due to high number of requests, please note that at the following email address ( we will answer only to questions which are not touched upon in this or previous communications.

We thank you all for your support and collaboration.

The CICC Staff & the Italian Embassy



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