CICC EEPWG Company Visit at FAAM China - October 15th 2021, Yixing

15 October 2021

Dear Members and Friends,

The Energy & Environmental Protection Working Group (EEPWG) of the China-Italy Chamber of Commerce (CICC) is organizing a factory visit at FAAM China.

The business visit will take place on October 15th, 2021 at the headquarter and production pole of FAAM in Yixing and will last about half day.

During the visit you will learn more about FAAM’s field of operation and company’s structure.

The visit is free of charge for CICC Members.



9:00 Meeting at Wuxi Railway Station*

9:00-10:30 Transfer to FAAM (arranged by the organizers)

10:30-11:00 Arrival and welcoming**

11:00-12:00 Company presentation and EEPWG Discussion & Q&A

12:00-13:00 Company tour

13:00-14:00 Networking buffet

14:00 Transfer to Wuxi Railway Station (arranged by the organizers)

*Meeting point can either be at WuXi Railway Station at 09:00 or, if you prefer, directly at the company site at 10:30.

Company name and address:

宜兴法阿姆工业电池有限公司 - 中国江苏宜兴市徐舍镇工业集中区214241

**It is not necessary negative Covid-19 test to access the company’s site.


To register please scan the QR Code below.


About FAAM China:

Founded in 1974, FAAM(, as a battery manufacturer, has its own plants in Italy and China. Its industrial batteries are widely used around the world in electric forklifts, logistic equipments, energy storage systems, UPS systems, etc.

FAAM batteries have been recognized by users for their high reliability, high efficiency, high capacity and long life.

In 2006 it was established FAAM Industrial Battery Co., Ltd. in Yixing, Jiangsu Province. In 2013, SERI Industrial SpA (a listed company in Milan, Italy) acquired FAAM.

Nowadays, FAAM is the first lithium-ion battery technology developer and producer in Italy. It cooperates with world-leading enterprises and universities to develop proprietary lithium battery technology, focusing on the next generation of active materials and assembly processes.


About EEPWG:


Luigi Minervini - Chairman, Ansaldo Shanghai (BIO)



Marco Camertoni - Managing Director, Loccioni China (BIO)

Teti Maria Licursi - ENI Representative Office Beijing (BIO)

Simone Padoan - Secretary General EEGEX (BIO)


EEPWG welcomes all Italian companies, entities and individuals operating within the energy and environmental protection industrial sectors along the relative value chains (upstream, downstream, fossil energy, renewable energy, distribution, consume, emission/water/waste/soil treatment, energy saving, etc.).


The main objectives are:

To promote Italian industrial /service excellences within the energy/environment protection sectors towards institutions, entities, associations, media, fairs/exhibitions, etc. in China;
To become the China-Italy Chamber of Commerce operative interface for Chinese counterparts (public and private) within the energy/environmental protection sectors;
To foster and communicate towards Italy (entities, institutions, media, etc.) business opportunities in China within the energy/environmental protection sectors for the advantage of Italian companies not yet operating in China beyond the stimulus to Institutions for possible coordinated “system” actions;
To sustain and promote proactive actions for setting up and developing pilot projects aimed at integrating Italian companies for their joint cooperation within the identified pilots projects.


Kind regards,


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