CICC FBWG: The first Workshop-Seminar, March 25th, Shanghai

25 March 2019

Dear CICC Members and Friends,


The China Italy Chamber of Commerce (CICC) is pleased to announce the First Workshop and contemporary Seminar of the F&B Working Group (FBWG) of 2019, that will be held on Monday, March 25th at 3 pm at the Bella Napoli Restaurant, Shanghai (Lane 946, Changle Lu, near Wulumuqi Bei Lu, 长乐 路 946 弄, 近 乌鲁木齐 北路).



3.30 pm Workshop: Making the week of the "Italian product" in Shanghai; 

4.30 pm Seminar: by Nicola Aporti - HFG *: Evolution of food labelling regulations in China: what may change? **


In the workshop we will lay the foundations for the realization of the Italian product week and we will create together the event project. During the seminar Nicola Aporti will illustrate us the changes underway on the laws that regulate the labels of food products and the nutritional tables.


We hope to see you again to be able to design and grow together. 

For registration please send an email to

We thank in advance Nicola Aporti, already a member of the F&BWG, for his kind availability. 


Kind Regards, 



*Nicola Aporti Partner of HFG (Law Firm). 

He has a substantive experience in the food regulatory, consumer protection, advertising, corporate and administrative problem-solving area.

** "GB 7718 (labeling of prepackaged food products) and GB 28050 (nutritional labeling) are under revision process. In December 2018 two draft new regulations were disclosed, showing significant changes for food companies. Although these two draft are NOT the final versions (and therefore the final versions may in the end be DIFFERENT from current drafts), it is interesting for food companies to follow-up this revision process which will eventually have a very deep impact on food companies".




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