CICC starts the first light desk service agreement with ConCentro

26 June 2009

The CCIC has struck up a deal with a Pordenone based C.I.A.A. company, ConCentro, resulting in the formation of a "light desk" service.

ConCentro has been developing links and bridges of exchanges between the region of Friuli and China for years also on behalf on the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region.

Through the formation of this "light desk" service, the CCIC has shown its eagerness to collaborate for the formation of an international body prone to carry out ideas as outlined by ConCentro.

Using the "light desk" service, ConCentro offers services based on the need of Italian companies to become acquainted and learn more about work opportunities within the Chinese market. For further information about the "light desk" service, please get in contact with us via the following email:


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