Constructive Dialogue between Shanghai Authorities and Italian Companies

27 September 2021


​A constructive roundtable between the Shanghai authorities and representatives of Italian key companies located in the municipality was held today, September 27th 2021, at the Municipal Government building.





The meeting, organized by the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce and the China-Italy Chamber of Commerce (CICC), was an opportunity to strengthen the business dialogue between the local authorities and the Italian business community, as well as to better support the development of the Italian business in the region.

What measures and initiatives is the government adopting and will it adopt to protect the leading position of the municipality given the growth of other areas in China that are emerging as potential alternatives to Shanghai? This is one of the main issues that acted as a common denominator in the questions raised by the Italian representatives during the roundtable.

The Q&A session made it possible to address many issues of great interest to the Italian business community: 

• policies to support the growth of the industrial sector;

• measures aimed at encouraging further development of the financial sector;

• initiatives to support companies in the face of rising costs for overseas shipments;

• policies aimed at attracting skilled employees from overseas or other regions of China;

• incentives offered to foreign retailers to enter the Chinese market and establish their brands in Shanghai in order to support the ambition to become a global fashion hub;

• and mobility of people in Shanghai.





The meeting was attended by Ms Zong Ming, Vice Mayor of Shanghai, Mr Gu Jun, Chairman of Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce, Mr Michele Cecchi, Consul General of Italy in Shanghai, Mr Paolo Bazzoni, CICC Chairman, Mr Valtero Canepa, CICC Vice Chairman (Shanghai), Ms Cinzia Sarli, Deputy Trade Commissioner of the Italian Trade Agency in Shanghai, CICC Board Members and representatives of about 15 companies involved in the main sectors of the Italian business in Shanghai.


The CICC Team

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