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17 January 2017

The event “Cucina Italiana è Cultura Solidarietà Ospitalità” held on 16th of January at the Italian Culture Institute concluded the series of initiatives regarding Italian cuisine carried out by both the CICC and the Italian Embassy in the P.R.C. . The whole event was built around three pivotal projects: the “First Week of Italian Cuisine in China”, “un Futuro per Amatrice” and “Ospitalità Italiana”, respectively aimed to promote Italian quality in China, contribute to the reconstruction of Amatrice and to certify the authenticity of Italian restaurants.
The Ambassador Ettore Francesco Sequi, Michele Scannavini, President of the Italian Trade Agency and the CICC Chairman Sergio Bertasi, delivered a speech in which they highlighted the importance of authenticity and quality of food for both the Italian and the Chinese tradition. 



The event proceeded with the awarding ceremony of chefs who joined the “First Week of Italian Cuisine in China”, 14 certificates of participation have been delivered for this project. Later on, the Ambassador expressed his special thanks to the chefs who contributed to the solidarity project “Un Futuro per Amatrice” through donations. The initiative managed to collect 97.061 yuan counting for almost 5000 Amatricianas sold in Italian restaurants throughout China. 


For “Ospitalità Italiana”, the event saw the awarding of 21 restaurants within the jurisdiction of Beijing that will lead for the present year the promotion of Italian quality and will be the "ambassadors" of the Made in Italy in the capital of China. The restaurants that received the certification are the followings:






Beijing- Tianjin

10 Corso Como (Beijing)

Assaggi (Beijing)

Barolo (Beijing)

Bella Vita (Tianjin)

Bottega Fratelli Salvo (Beijing)

Cepe (Beijing)

Cova (Beijing)

Eatalia Carpe Diem (Beijing)

Eatalia Unique (798) (Beijing)

Fiume (Beijing)

La Dolce Vita (Beijing)

La Pizza (Beijing)

LMPLUS (Beijing)

Mercante (Beijing)

Mio (Beijing)

Opera Bombana (Beijing)

Pizza View (Beijing)

Prego Italian Restaurant (Beijing)

Tavola (Beijing)

Venezia Club Italian Restaurant & Winery (Tianjin)

Via Roma (Beijing)


The event finished with a cooking show by 2 different teams: “Tradition” vs. “Innovation”, composed of Amedeo Ferri, Alessandro Sanna for the first team and Sergio Falanga and Samuele Rossi for the second one. They prepared 2 different versions of pasta all’Amatriciana, one following the traditional recipe and the other one following the personal touch of the chefs. 






More than 120 guests took part in the event, whilst almost 9.500 people followed the celebration online, thanks to the platform Weibo.  Moreover, after a few hours, the broadcast reached more than 30.000 views, proving the event to be a success.

The China-Italy Chamber of Commerce thanks all the chefs and restaurant owners that contributed to the three different projects and invites you to check out the broadcast of the event on the following link:

We also recommend to look for the “Q” of Quality whenever dining out in an Italian restaurant here in China!


CICC Team 

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