EVENT RECAP | Balancing AI & Human Expertise in Recruitment

30 April 2024

On April 26th, the China-Italy Chamber of Commerce (CICC) together with its member Kilpatrick, organized the event Balancing AI and Human Expertise in Recruitment at Intesa Sanpaolo (Shanghai Tower).



The event, which was attended by 36 people, was tailored for HR directors, talent acquisition professionals, and business leaders seeking to harness technology to streamline their recruitment processes. The event was optimally moderated by Giada Piccinini, Treasurer of the CICC, and the discussion of the event was finally divided into two macro-panels, where the attendees had the opportunity to listen to the insights of three important speakers. Those were: Christine Wu (Bracco China Learning Development Senior Manager and Technical Operation Business Partners), Luca Leggieri (APAC HR Director, Pirelli TyerCo. Ltd.), Cathy Peng (HR director of PRYSMIAN China, Investment Co., Ltd.) and of course, Andrea Spiriti, Asia Director of Kilpatrick Executive Search.



We hereby report some comments summaries, which have been part of our speakers speeches during the event.


The application of AI in the recruitment process has significant advantages and can also automate tedious tasks, making the recruitment process more efficient. However, there are also some limitations, like a lack of humanized communication, so recruiters need to carefully choose and use AI tools, to ensure the fairness, efficiency, and comprehensiveness of the recruitment process.

-  Christine Wu (Bracco China)



AI more and more will be a strong tool for all recruiting steps but we will always have the duty to balance it with the human expertise and sensitivity.

Luca Leggieri (Pirelli TyerCo. Ltd.)



AI is a powerful tool to assist the recruitment process and will be monitored by HR.

Cathy Peng (PRYSMIAN China)



AI technology has found widespread adoption across numerous industries, particularly when integrated with rigorous data generation and evaluation processes. While it assists in streamlining routine tasks within human resources, its reliability in delivering outputs remains a work in progress. Human involvement remains crucial for ensuring accuracy and effectiveness in both the research and evaluation phases.

Andrea Spiriti (Kilpatrick)


We would like to thank Intesa Sanpaolo for having been the venue sponsor, our member Kilpatrick, our Treasurer and moderator, all the attendees and the speakers who offered valuable insights and practical recommendations to drive recruitment success.


Stay tuned on our channels to discover our next events. Hope to see you there!

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