Gelato Masterclass - Online Immersion on the history and production of Italian gelato-30th Aug. 2021

30 August 2021

Dear Members and Friends,

The China-Italy Chamber of Commerce (CICC) is pleased to announce that the event “Gelato Masterclass - Online Immersion in the History and Production of Italian Gelato” was held online on August 30th 2021.



The “Gelato Masterclass” is organized within the framework of the project "True Italian Taste", promoted and financed by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and carried out by Assocamerestero in collaboration with the Italian Chambers of Commerce abroad. "True Italian Taste" aims to enhance and safeguard the authentic Italian food products.

The event was opened to specialists in the F&B sector, media, influencers, journalists, KOLs, bloggers, nutritionists, buyers, Italian food experts and lovers. The purpose of the masterclass was to improve Chinese consumers' awareness of authentic Italian Gelato and increase the visibility of Italian companies in the F&B sector in China.

The event started with opening speeches by Ms Adriana Lori, Deputy Consul General of Italy in Chongqing, and Mr Paolo Bazzoni, Chairman of CICC.

Mr Gianluca Luisi, Board Member of China-Italy Chamber of Commerce, introduced the "True Italian Taste" project to the audience. The project aims to promote the Italian food industry, promote the industry's Chinese dealers to import authentic ingredients in Italy, and bring "True Italian Taste" into China.




Later the senior Gelato Chef from Carpigiani Ms Cindy Chen, remotely connected from Shanghai, introduced to the online audience the history of Italian gelato, explaining why gelato is different from ice cream in ingredients and production.

In the online gelato-making session, Ms Cindy Chen demonstrated in detail the production process of gelato, arousing the enthusiasm of the online audience who were able to experience the joy of making gelato



Mr Edoardo Noce, the Marketing Manager of Fabbri China, introduced the ingredients of gelato, from the base and flavours to the delipaste and variegato. Participants were explicitly shown that gelato is made from natural ingredients with various options on taste.



The event ended with an online Q&A session. In order to make the participants have a more intuitive understanding of gelato, after the online masterclass, the China-Italy Chamber of Commerce distributed gelato to some lucky participants in Shanghai, Chengdu and Chongqing. 



We hope you can learn more about all Italian food categories promoted by our project "True Italian Taste", and sincerely thank all the F&B enterprises, sponsors, KOL, Internet Celebrities, media and journalists who participated in and supported this event.

We look forward to meeting you again in our upcoming "True Italian Taste" activities.

CICC would like to invite all participants to fill in the following questionnaire and leave your valuable comments and suggestions:

Special thanks to the F&B partners of this event:

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Kind Regards




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