Important Notice and Summary of the Requirements for All the Passengers of NO982 MXP NKG

09 July 2021

Dear Members and Friends,

This is to notify you about an important update related to special test requirements necessary to board CICC charter flight NO982 MXP NKG on July 13th.

We remind that, in order to board the flight NO982 MXP NKG, passengers are required to undergo the following tests:

  • A first RT-PCR COVID swab test has to be done within 72 hours prior the departure time of the flight (i.e. either in the afternoon of Saturday July 10th or on Sunday 11th);
  • A second RT-PCR COVID swab and an IgM antibody test have to be done within 36 hours prior the departure time of the flight (i.e. in the morning of Monday July 12th).

Please be aware that the test center selected for Monday’s tests has to provide the results within the morning of Tuesday 13th. We strongly suggest highlighting this requirement to the test center.

Today we received a communication from the Chinese Embassy in Italy that the first test (RT-PCR COVID swab 72h) and the second tests (RT-PCR COVID swab+ IgM 36h) must be done in two different testing centers, among those officially recognized by the Chinese Embassy.


We remind you that, in order to facilitate the special testing procedures mandatory to board the July 13th charter flight, the Chinese authorities approved an additional testing facility in Rome. The new facility is available ONLY for the first test to be done 72h before flight departure. Please note that this center can be used exclusively for the above mentioned CICC special charter flight.

Furthermore, for this first charter flight, we remind you that we have obtained a fast-track channel and special openings of some centers in the following cities: Milan, Bologna and Florence. More details are available in the attachment.

Booking procedure for accessing the fast-track:
To access the fast-track channel in the above-mentioned centers all bookings must be made exclusively through Ambimed online system. To benefit from the fast-track channel, please make sure to use the following promo code: CCIC

Please refer to our prior notice.

˃˃ Please also note that this is a special fast-track channel that does not constitute an obligation for passengers, who remain free to choose any center available (among those designated by the Chinese Embassy to Italy), according to their own personal preferences.

We invite you to follow closely our official channels to remain updated. 


Kind Regards, 
The CICC Team

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