Italian Culture and Products Exhibition Hall Invitation Letter

30 December 2016

 Established in 1997, East Shineray Holdings Co., Ltd. is headquartered in Yubei District, Chongqing with more than 7,000 employees. The Company is engaged in industrial manufacturing, financial services and other fields. Through years of development, the Company has progressively formed an industrial development platform based on automobile, motorcycle, agricultural machinery, general machinery, power assembly and other entity industries. Shineray Holdings acquired the motorcycle factory, equipment, products and technology invested by BMW in Italy in 2014, acquired the SWM cross-country vehicle of Italy and established SWM Company. 

Italian Culture and Products Exhibition Hall is intended to be built in Chongqing Foreign Business Area (No. 6, Caifu East Road, Yubei District where the Company's headquarter is situated). Shineray Holdings is cordially inviting and seeking cooperation with Italian enterprises or Sino-Italy joint ventures which are determined to develop in Chongqing, China. In line with the objectives of carrying forward and spreading Italian culture and enabling more people to know and understand Italy, the Company will promote the cooperation and mutual benefits between China and Italy and establish the Italian exhibition hall. Meanwhile, the Company will negotiate with relevant government departments to offer the project the most favorable benefits and support based on the resources integrated. The instructions on the matters involved are as follows:

I. Project name (provisional)

Italian Culture and Products Exhibition Center

II. Project location

F/1-2, Corridor Commercial Area, Buildings 1 and 4, Chongqing Foreign Business Area, No. 6, Caifu East Road, Yubei District

 III. Project overview and charges  

1. Project contents: The project site is for rent. Composed of such two parts as exhibition hall and operation center, the project has an area of 1,200 square meters (completed). The charges should be otherwise negotiated by the settled organizations.

2. Exhibition way

Text, photo, material object, multimedia and other ways.

3. Functional zones of the exhibition hall

The exhibition hall mainly consists of the welcome area at the first floor (entrance to the exhibition hall), the exhibition areas for national image, characteristic enterprises and featured products (including the exhibition of SWM auto and motorcycle of the Company) and the operation center.


   IV. Time requirement

Deadline of invitation: January 15, 2017

V. Participation requirements and required information

Local Italian enterprises or Sino-Italy joint-ventures with independent legal personality and business license, etc.
Having products with strong local color of Italy and enjoying industrial recognition.
The potential participants are required to submit company profile and product introduction, etc.

VI. Contact information

Contact: Wang Yi     Tel: 15923181706

Address: F/24, Building 3, Chongqing Foreign Business Area, No. 6, Caifu East Road, Yubei District




East Shineray Holdings Co., Ltd.

December19, 2016

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