The Italian way available now!

14 August 2009


 The Italian way
Gateway to Italian Services in Shanghai

The China-Italy Chamber of Commerce is proud to inform our Members and users that The Italian way - Gateway to Italian Services in Shanghai can be downloaded from this link, as from Oct. 19th, 2009.

Formulated to respond ahead of time to the requests of services that public and private entities based in Italy will have when approaching the Chinese market taking advantage of the extraordinary stage offered by Expo 2010, The Italian way intends to be a practical guide to connect Italian clients overseas with Italian service providers localized in Shanghai.

The Italian way consists in a user-friendly pocket guide, listing the contacts of all the Italian companies that have subscribed to the initiative, sorted by category and service industry, able to provide state-of-the-art Made in Italy services, localized and conveniently available in Shanghai.

The pocket guide also includes a city-map, with dots indicators corresponding to each subscribing Member office location, and a utility guide for the visitors to access primary necessity services in town.

2009-08-14 The Italian way Cover.jpg 

The pocket Guide,published in its first edition from Oct. 2009 to January 2010, will be distributed by CICC through its institutional partners` network in China and abroad. A second edition will be newly launched in February 2010.The guide is available in Italian, English an Chinese.


Advertisement in Italy through the Italian Chambers` network will guarantee maximum visibility overseas, amplifying the benefit for both the potential users and the subscribed Members.

For more information, please contact Ms Elena Tosana, at 021.54075181, or write to

Start walking the Italian way to your business in Shanghai, a business deal is just one phone call away!

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