the Italian way - gateway to Italian Service providers in Shanghai

15 July 2009


the Italian way
Gateway to Italian Service Providers in Shanghai

Dear Members,

The China-Italy Chamber of Commerce is proud to present you with a new editorial initiative, the Italian way - Gateway to Italian Service Providers in Shanghai

Formulated to respond ahead of time to the requests of services that public and private entities based in Italy will have when approaching the implementation of their plans to participate the Expo 2010, the Italian way intends to be a practical guide to connect Italian clients overseas with Italian service providers localized in Shanghai. 


The Italian way consists in a user-friendly pocket guide, listing the contacts of all the Italian companies that will subscribe to the initiative, sorted by category and service industry, able to provide state-of-the-art Made in Italy services, localized and conveniently available in Shanghai.
The pocket guide will also include a city-map, with dots indicators corresponding to each subscribing Member office location, and a utility guide for the visitors to access primary necessity services in town.
The pocket guide will be published in its first edition from September 2009 to March 2010, and will be distributed by CICC through its institutional partners` network in China and abroad. A second edition will be newly prepared as from April 2010.
Advertisement in Italy through the Italian Chambers` network will guarantee maximum visibility overseas, amplifying the benefit for both the potential users and the subscribed Members.
An online version will also be made available to be downloaded on CICC website.


Subscription is subject to specific requirements, as follows:

  • Each subscribing company is required to be a CICC regularly subscribed Member in 2009
  • Each subscribing company is required to have a fully operational office based in Shanghai, condition necessary to be able to provide timely services to any clients before and during the Expo 2010
  • Each subscribing company is required to provide services in one of the listed industries (see industry list below)
  • Subscription is subject to participation fees (see details below)


    Industry Category Listing


    Architecture, Interior Design, Graphic Design

    Branding, Communication and Marketing

    Business Consulting

    Exhibition Organizers

    Financial Consulting

    Food & Beverage, Catering

    Hotel and Hospitality


    IPR consulting


    Legal Consulting

    Logistics & Forwarding

    Media & Publications

    PR and Event Organizers

    Travel, tourism and Car Rental

  • The listings will include below details for each company:
    Company Name in Shanghai
    Contact person in Shanghai
    Address in Shanghai (main headquarters)
    Contacts and e-mails
    Website (if any)

    Languages will be English/Italian and Chinese. 

    Participating companies will be listed under category, by English name alphabetical order.

    First Edition Subscription terms and conditions
    Members who intend to subscribe to this initiative for its first edition should send their written confirmation by e-mail to by July 24th, 2009, noon time.
    Each Member company can subscribe to be listed under one of above categories, according to their main industry.
    In case of companies active in cross-industries (ie: an advertising company could also offer branding and marketing services, as well as graphic design), a multi-category fee is available.
    First Edition Subscription fees are as follows:
    One category         RMB 3,000.00
    Two categories      RMB 5,000.00
    Multi-categories    RMB 7,000.00 (to a maximum of 3 categories)
    Each subscriber will receive 10 copies of the pocket-guide for their own distribution. Any additional copy can be purchased at RMB 50/each.

    Members are kindly requested to settle relevant fees in cash or by bank transfer, by July 24th, 2009. 

    Advertising Options
    CICC Members can further seize the opportunities that the EXPO 2010 will generate, by advertising their services through specific adv pages in Expo the Italian way pocket guide, for an eye catching visual effect!

    All adv are available as inside-page, pocket guide size full page, full color.
    10 adv pages are available for sale, based on first-come first served basis, in progressive order.

    Following packages are available:
    One category + adv page          = RMB 7,000.00
    Two categories + adv page       = RMB 9,000.00
    Multi-categories + adv page     = RMB 11,000.00 

    Deadline to confirm and purchase adv space is July 24th, 2009, noon time. 

    For more information and assistance, please contact Ms Elena Tosana, at 021.54075181.

    Bring your company expertise and skills to the attention of the Expo 2010 arena, subscribe now to the CICC Gateway and start walking the Italian way to the Expo 2010!

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