Manufacturing Engineering Working Group (MEWG) Coordinator and Vice-Coordinator(s) elections

28 May 2020

Dear CICC Members and Friends,


This is to summon the Manufacturing Engineering Working Group (MEWG) meeting on 30/06/2020 from 14:00-16:00 pm (Beijing time) at the CICC premise in Shanghai (上海市, 静安区, 威海路777, 2楼, 202 室, N. 777 Weihai road, 2nd Floor, R202  Jing'An District Shanghai).

Subject of the meeting: elections for the new MEWG Coordinator and Vice-Coordinators and update about WG’s activities.

Hereby, the China-Italy Chamber of Commerce cordially invites you to present your candidacy by filling in the form, that you can find here,  and sending it to together with a scan of the residence permit/ID Card and a short biography within 20/06/2020 at 6.00 p.m. (Beijing time). Candidates’ biographies will be shared with all MEWG Members subsequently.

Please, consult the CICC Working Groups General Rules Here and be minded that elected Coordinator and Vice-Coordinators will stay in charge for two years and that they need to be regularly enrolled in the CICC as Supporting Members.

Each participant can vote for max n.1 candidate for Coordinator and max n.1 candidate for Vice-Coordinator while attending the meeting or by sending an email to CICC Secretary General at within 24 hours before the meeting (proxies are not accepted).

Please be aware that the Working Groups meetings are only open to CICC Members.

If you are a CICC Member and would like to join this Working Group, please write an email to


CICC Working Groups

The Working Groups bring together representatives of companies operating in the same sector or located in the same geographical area. The aim is to share information, resources and ideas, organize relevant activities for the companies, and build sectorial expertise within the CICC in order to attract interest both in China and in Italy to benefit companies not present on Chinese territory yet. 


Manufacturing Engineering Working Group (MEWG) 

The MEWG represents the interest of all Italian companies in China working directly or indirectly in the sector on a national base.

MEWG objectives are:

coordinate and promote all Italian members’ needs which are active in many different industries of the Chinese mechanical engineering sector (machinery, automotive, component manufacturers, mechanical engineering …);

promote and raise awareness on the size and the importance of the Italian technology in the sector to all institutions in China and Italy that are our natural counterparts, in order to develop business opportunities;

coordinate and promote activities and events that boost the visibility and the image of “Technology Made in Italy”;

inform all members on the topic Made in China 2025, particularly with regard to risks and opportunities for Italian businesses;

become a reference for all mechanical engineering companies within the China-Italy Chamber of Commerce (CICC), lobbying private and public institutions active in the Chinese market.

HERE the link to the page of MEWG.


Many thanks for your kind attention,

Best regards,



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