Mini-survey amongst EU member states regarding Chinese Trade Finance policies and practices

29 May 2009

China has been very active in using export credits as an instrument to support the export of capital goods. The country has become the third world largest provider of export credits, but is not bound by the main international agreement in the field - the OECD Arrangement on Export Credits. European Export Credit Agencies (ECAs), who adhere to the disciplines of the Arrangement, have noted an increased amount of cases where they cannot match the credit terms of the Chinese official support.

The reason why European exporters are increasingly finding themselves on unequal competitive footing relative their Chinese counterparts is that the latter have access to official support on much more favorable financial terms and conditions than the EU ECAs can offer. This unequal competitive situation is not isolated to certain markets or certain industry sectors and has led to European exporters losing many economically and strategically important contracts.

Following initiatives launched under current and previous Presidencies and discussions at the Council, the Commission was requested to engage with the Chinese authorities on this issue. As discussed in the Export Credit Council Working Group, the European Commission`s objective is to set up a bilateral EU-China dialogue on Trade Finance and Export Credits.

In order to prepare for a constructive discussion with China, the Commission would like to gather structured and systematic information thanks to this mini-survey (click here to download).

Click here to download a table regarding the key market access barriers in China under the market access partnership.

We kindly ask you to send the survey at, within the 12th of June.

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