New CICC Member: Fireworks - Discount for CICC Members

01 July 2019

Dear Members and Friends,

The latest addition to the CICC is Fireworks, a company born in 2013 with the aim to help the world’s best brands successfully enter the Chinese market.

Fireworks offers proprietary solutions in the fields of e-commerce, customer data (CRM) and market testing, and in particular:

  • Fireworks e-commerce - a proprietary e-commerce solution seamlessly connected both to global systems and Chinese local digital platforms. The system supports WeChat miniprograms, as well as other apps like RED, Alipay and Baidu miniprograms.
  • SPARKLE - a data system that gathers and segments customer data coming from Chinese platforms (WeChat account, WeChat miniprogram, RED company page, Baidu miniprogram and Alipay miniprogram), connecting them to global CRM systems.
  • Huo - a flash sales platform on WeChat that allows international brands to quickly sell in China via cross-border, to test the market before making big investments in the country.

Fireworks also has a large team of local strategists and creatives that can help companies use these tools and implement digital marketing strategies in China. Fireworks is a proud Tencent official partner, as well as a member of the Salesforce partner program.

But why digital solutions? Today’s China is increasingly digital oriented, and it has become a leader in mobile application, network retailing and massive data analysis. Therefore, it is extremely important for companies wanting to enter and succeed in China to master e-commerce, CRM and data-driven marketing.

“Today 90% of China’s online traffic is via app, so traditional website approaches do not work here”, says Andrea Fenn, CEO of Fireworks. He points out that “it is increasingly important to adopt local solutions to communicate with Chinese consumers on their native language and platforms”.

To support the way that Italian companies in China use e-commerce and digital, Fireworks is happy to offer 10% discount on its services for all China-Italy Chamber of Commerce’s members.

So, what are you waiting for? Spark it up, without burned fingers.

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