NO982 MXP NKG 16.15 09.50 July 13th | Important Updates

02 July 2021

Dear Members and Friends, 

We kindly inform that the charter flight NO982 organized by the China-Italy Chamber of Commerce in cooperation with the Embassy of Italy to P.R.C. will take off from Milano Malpensa on July 13th, instead of July 12th.

Therefore, the plane’s schedule time will be as following:
NO982 MXP NKG 16.15 09.50 July 13th

Further, the Chinese Authorities have informed us that charter flights undergo special pre-departure procedures. Passengers of July 13th flight will have to provide the Chinese Embassy or Consulates in Italy with the following:

  • Results of a first RT-PCR COVID swab. The test has to be done within 72 hours prior the departure time of the flight (i.e. either in the afternoon of Saturday July 10th  or on Sunday 11th);
  • Results of a second RT-PCR COVID swab and an IgM antibody test. The tests have to be done within 36 hours prior the departure time of the flight (i.e. in the morning of Monday July 12th).

As per indicated by the Chinese Embassy, all tests have to be done in centers designated by them. Passengers can check the full list of the centers at the following link.

We have been informed a fast track service is available in some of these centers, provided by the company “Ambimed”. For further information, please check the excel file here attached for the contact details.

Please take note that all passengers should contact directly the said centers to set appointments, which will have to be compatible with the abovementioned provisions of the Chinese Government.

The tests’ results, along with all relevant documents requested by the Chinese Authorities, will have to uploaded in one go into a special website. Further information are available at the following link.

Passengers that fail to provide the abovementioned documents upon boarding will not be granted access to the plane and will not be entitled to any ticket refund.

In case of positive results to the COVID-19 tests, the passenger will not be allowed to board the plane. In this instance, the passenger will be entitled to a full refund of the ticket price. 

If you have any inquiry, please contact us at (due to the large amount of requests we remind that answering time is 48 hours). 

Kind Regards,
The CICC Team

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