Post Event - China-Italy Juvenes Professional Network Beijing, December 3, 2020

07 December 2020

Dear Members and Friends,

The China-Italy Chamber of Commerce (CICC) is committed to create a network of young people from different nationalities to boost their career perspective and job opportunities in China. For this purpose, on the 3rd of December the CICC organized the China-Italy Juvenes Professional Network at BEI Hotel, Beijing.



The networking event was open to all young professionals in China who wanted to gather to create a network of young people and share ideas, needs and proposals to improve their career in China.

At the event participated both students and young professionals. The participants, while enjoying some good food and wine, had the opportunity to share their ideas and experience in China, as well as the difficulties they faced when starting their career.

During the event was presented to the participants the possibility to join the CICC’s China-Italy Juvenes Professional Network (中J意).




More specifically, 中J意  is a group – within the China-Italy Chamber of Commerce - of young professionals (up to 30 years old) who share the interest in cultivating personal and professional development. CICC supports them in providing a platform to reach this goal, while also organizing a series of tailor-made services and activities for young professionals to develop specific skills required in the Chinese market, to meet entrepreneurs who are going to share their business success stories and to look for future job opportunities.

Planned activities are:

  • Essential skills workshop: workshops to develop specific skills required in the Chinese market with a well-known professional HR company (e.g. CV drafting, interview preparation, job search, etc.);
  • Training/seminars: on useful topics for young professionals in China;
  • Business networking: networking night/mentorship session in which young professionals have the opportunity to interact with each other and meet 2 or 3 entrepreneurs who are going to share their success stories in China.


To join us as a Young Professional 中J意 click HERE or contact

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