POST EVENT - Martial Art and Harmonic Principles Coaching Event, Shanghai 12th January 2019

12 January 2019

Dear Members and Friends,


The China-Italy Chamber of Commerce is glad to inform you that the Martial Arts and Harmonic Principles Coaching Event was successfully held on 12th of January at The Center in Shanghai.



It was a well remarkable event aimed to eliminate physical and mental tensions, physical stress and to rediscover ancient knowledge reactivating the real human potential. Knowing your body for knowing your mind and answering the question “Who I am?” was the final goal that this ancient discipline wanted to transmit throughout the lesson.

The event was organized by DECODE with the support of the China-Italy Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai and held by Master Mauro A. D’Angelo who, through years of travel around the world, studied directly with the Masters of past generations, illuminating the audience in a path between the secrets of martial arts and the ancient knowledge.



After the registration time, the event was opened with a theoretical introduction of the method of “martial art coaching” and then a practical moment with the applications of Zhan Zhuang.




During the lesson, Master Mauro A. D’Angelo presented Martial Art and Harmonic rules and the techniques of ancient warriors to free human potential and to release stress managing emotions.

The CICC would like to thank all the participants who took part in the event and Master Mauro D’Angelo who offered us this great opportunity for personal and professional growth.


Kind regards,



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