Post Event - Seminar “Instructions for Customs Clearance” & SGSO Informal Dinner - Guangzhou, February 26th, 2019

26 February 2019

Dear Members and Friends,

The Seminar “Instructions for Customs Clearance” was successfully held on February 26th in Guangzhou.

First of all, CICC would like to give our special thanks to Deloitte, in particular to Ms. Janet Zhang for supporting the event as speaker. And also, we would like to thank Generali China Life Insurance Co., Ltd for kindly providing the venue for the Seminar. The Seminar gathered more than 20 participants, that actively attended with great interest.

The aim of the Seminar was to give an overview on Customs Clearance Process, which involves preparation and submission of documentations required to facilitate export or import into the country. The speaker, Janet Zhang of Deloitte, introduced the Instructions for Customs Clearance Reform focusing on 4 main themes namely:

  • Standard Customs Clearance Procedure,
  • Common issues which should be paid attention to during customs clearance and recommendation,
  • New requirements regarding the integration of Customs and "Inspection and Quarantine Bureau"
  • Recent development of Golden Customs Program (Phase II). 



After the speaker’s presentation, the session Q&A helped the participants to deepen the knowledge about the topic.



The Seminar was followed by the SGSO Informal Dinner at Mammamia Italian Restaurant, where participants met in a more informal and relaxed way in order to continue discussing and better knowing each other. It was a great opportunity for the Italian as well as the international community to meet and share ideas.


Finally, we would like to give our sincere thanks to all the participants who joined us and look forward to seeing you again in the upcoming events.



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