RsA - Belt Road Seminars, Italy 2018 March 26th, 27th, 28th, 29th

21 March 2018

Dear Members,

CICC is glad to inform that RsA - Belt Road Seminars will be held at University of Bergamo, on March 26th, and University of Salerno, on March 27th, 28th and 29th.

Belt road also called the new Silk Road is a land and sea link between China, the rest of Asia, Europe and Africa.
In addition to improving terrestrial connectivity, it is also a development strategy to promote broad-based country-to-country cooperation across Eurasia and to strengthen China's position in the region.
The Belt Road Intiative is one of the priorities of Chinese diplomacy, under the presidency of Xi Jinping.



March 26th  2018 - University of Bergamo
Lorenzo Riccardi (RsA Asia, Shanghai University)
Shuquan He (Shanghai University)
University of Bergamo, 10:30 – 11:30
via Caniana 2, Bergamo, Italy
March 27th, 28th, 29th  2018 - University of Salerno

Patronages: University of Salerno, DICIV, PEL, Shanghai University, ECMWF, RsA Asia, Committee on Emerging Economies, Shanghai Society of World Economy, Center for Innovation and Development, Shanghai University.

Under the patronage of the Parliamentary Assembly of Mediterranean

promote three days work program on the Belt Road Initiative (BRI). Opening 27th March 2018 at 13:30 Aula Magna, University of Salerno.

The event aims to establish an operating platform based on some integrated BRI thematic lines to be immediately followed up with the contribution of all of the international partners who have joined the initiative.

Thematic areas:
1. BRI: market and business opportunities
2. M&A opportunities on the Belt Road
3. China from Asia to Africa
4. Cultural heritage and infrastructural evolution along the Silk Road

Lecture Hall (Aula Magna) of University of Salerno

Aurelio Tommasetti (Magmnificent Rector of UNISA)
Vincenzo Piluso (UNISA)
Gianluigi De Mare (PEL/UNISA)
Shequan He (Shanghai University)
Lorenzo Riccardi (RsA Asia, Shanghai University)
Antonio Nestico' (PEL/UNISA)
Renato Benintendi (PEL/UNISA, Megaris)
Gennaro Cuccurullo (UNISA)
Gianpaolo Balsamo (European Center Medium Weather Forecast, ECMWF)
Elena Merino Gómez (University Nebrija Madrid) 
Carlo Saverio Iorio (ULB University, Bruxelles) 



Lorenzo Riccardi, Managing partner of RsA Asia will attend the event with lectures on China from Asia to Africa and on M&A opportunities on the Belt Road.


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