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19 December 2019

Dear Members and Friends,

The China-Italy Chamber of Commerce promotes authentic Italian agricultural food&wine products through the “True Italian Taste” project, focused on safeguarding the Made in Italy and hamper the spread of the Italian Sounding phenomenon.

The CICC aims at raising awareness of the authentic Italian Food & Wine products among Chinese consumers, in contrast to those which seem Italian but in reality are not.

Specific labels (PDO – Protected Designation of Origin, PGI – Protected Geographical Indication) have been settled to identify those agricultural food products which result from a unique combination of specific environmental conditions and human factors of a certain geographic area. Behind these labels there are specific quality norms that protect consumers, certifying the quality and uniqueness of the products.​

The CICC is glad to share six videos to promote and enhance such products. Such videos represent some recipes (oil and garlic pasta, bruschetta and frittata) and authentic Italian products (cheese, fresh and dry pasta and Italian gelato). Enjoy them!

True Italian Taste - Aglio&Olio Pasta

True Italian Taste - Mozzarella

True Italian Taste - Bruschetta

True Italian Taste - Gelato

True Italian Taste - Frittata

True Italian Taste - Pasta


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