Apply to be awarded! – Panda d’Oro Award 2023, Shanghai

17 四月 2023

The China-Italy Chamber of Commerce is pleased to invite you to participate in the 12th edition of the Panda d’Oro Gala Awards as contestants to win the Panda d‘Oro Prizes. The Awards Ceremony will be held on Saturday, June 10th, 2023 in Shanghai.

A total of ten prizes shall be awarded based on the guidelines detailed below. 

Each prize is going to be awarded to one Italian company, as a member of the China-Italy Chamber of Commerce, for a total of nine prizes. One final award will be presented to a Chinese company that has best contributed to favourable economic growth for both countries. 

Prizes are aimed at recognizing efficiency, best practices, and remarkable results of Italian Companies which have investments and a meaningful presence in China, and of a Chinese Company that has investments and a meaningful presence in Italy.

The contest is OPEN ONLY to Members of the China-Italy Chamber of Commerce.

The Gala Awards ceremony is a unique event that gathers entrepreneurs and representatives from both Italian and Chinese institutions, widely covered by the Italian and Chinese Press in order to raise awareness about Italian business in China. 




Evaluating 2022 Performances


Panda d’Oro Award  

The Italian company that has thrived in China by expanding its investments and achieving significant growth in the Chinese market. 


Best Italian SME Award  

The Italian SME which has mostly increased its productivity and competitiveness in China. 


Resilience Award  

The Italian company which greatly detained stability and success despite the turbulence of the business environment. 


Crisis Management Award  

The Italian company that has shown great ability to reinvent itself as a response to adversities. 


Made in Italy Award  

The Italian company that has best represented Italian excellence on Chinese soil by driving interest in Italian quality. 


Innovation Award  

The Italian company that has invested in innovation, research, and technological development. 


Outstanding CSR Award  

The company that has stood out for lifting its achievements to benefit the community through social and environmentally friendly projects. 


Education Award  

The Italian company that performed an outstanding job of talent development through professional development designation programs. 


Best Place to Work Award  

The company that has prioritized a people-centered culture motivating and retaining employees and implementing workplace practices that promote a healthy work and life balance. 


Friendship Award  

The Chinese company which has achieved a successful partnership and contributed to the bilateral economy | Chinese company that has achieved success through China and Italy bilateral cooperation. 




Click here to download the “Application Form”.

Contestants must send the “Application Form” (duly filled in all its parts) and any other additional reference materials to the CICC (Shanghai Office) at

Each company can apply in a maximum of two categories.


PLEASE NOTE that all information shared with the China-Italy Chamber of Commerce will remain strictly confidential and will be used for awarding purposes only.


The deadline for submitting your application is MAY 21ST, 2023


Please find here the General Rules for the award application.


Reasons to participate: 

• Show pride in your achievements and motivate your stakeholders and employees 

• Meet high-level representatives from all industry sectors 

• Benefit from extensive media and industry coverage for your company 


For further information, do not hesitate to contact us at


Please find HERE the post-event from the last edition held in 2021 as well as a VIDEO of the entire night.


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