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10 八月 2022

The Food and Beverage Working Group (F&BWG) of the China-Italy Chamber of Commerce (CICC) is working on the development of a WeChat Mini Program dedicated to the companies that are part of the group. The Mini Program is in the final stages of testing and is expected to be launched in September.

Given the importance of Italian food and beverage in China, we want to create a database that brings together the Italian companies operating in this sector. Inside you will also find all the activities and events – including their live streaming – organized by our Working Group.

The main goal of the WeChat Mini Program platform is to allow the F&BWG Members to virtually showcase their brands and products, offering links to external websites for e-marketing or sale*.

*Please note that the China-Italy Chamber of Commerce is in no way involved in products distribution or sales online.


Companies wishing to be part of our Mini Program are asked for a participation fee of 1,000 RMB for ordinary Members 500 RMB for supporting Members. The fee (calendar year) can be paid to CICC either in the membership renewal/subscription phase, or at the time that the company deems most appropriate. 

Please note that the participation is only open to CICC Members.



What does the Mini Program include? 

1. F&BWG Introduction

2. A section dedicated to F&BWG Events

3. A section dedicated to Live streaming during F&BWG events

4. CICC members' brands, with their own company profiles and link to their external  WeChat Mini Programs/Website/e-commerce platforms. 

What does the Mini Program not include?

E-commerce page


How to join the F&BWG Mini Program? 

To be part of the CICC F&BWG WeChat Mini Program, download the form (here), fill it out and send it back to 


Not a Member yet? Learn how to join the Chamber here:

For assistance regarding membership, contact us at: 0086-10-85910545

For more information about the F&B Mini program, please contact 


CICC Working Groups

The Working Groups bring together representatives of companies operating in the same sector or located in the same geographical area. The aim is to share information, resources and ideas, organize relevant activities for the companies, and build sectorial expertise within the CICC in order to attract interest both in China and in Italy to benefit companies not present on Chinese territory yet.

To consult CICC Working Groups' General Rules please visit:


Know more about FBWG

The F&BWG includes all the companies working in the F&B/Ho.Re.Ca, such as F&B producers, companies importing Italian F&B products to China, Italian restaurants, etc.

Despite being one of the most fragmented and challenging sectors, F&B represents an incredible opportunity for Italian companies. This is why the China-Italy Chamber of Commerce has decided to establish a dedicated working group.

For companies based in China, the F&BWG mainly focuses on sharing information, best practices and contacts. For Italian companies not yet operating in China, the F&BWG plays a mentor role to help them to approach the market and launch their activities.


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