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20 一月 2022

The CICC Intellectual Property Working Group (IPWG) held the seminar “The Data Security and Personal Information Protection Law in the Employment Relationship” on January 17th 2022. 


In the employment setting, how should companies align with the recent obligations in handling data in the PRC? 

Chinese laws on data security and personal information protection set new standards, especially when “important data” and “sensitive personal information” are involved. Company’s employees engaged in strategic functions are on the frontline of data and information processing. 

Our IPWG experts shared company's best practices to increase data protection and insights on how to be compliant with the new regulations in the employment settings, below some takeaways from our speakers:




This event was part of a series of activities organized by our IPWG aiming at providing practical tools in IP-related matters to companies – operating in different sectors – in the Chinese market. 

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