July 13th Charter Flight: Updated List of Testing Facilities

08 七月 2021


Dear Members and Friends,

In order to facilitate the special testing procedures mandatory to board the July 13th charter flight, we kindly inform all the passengers of NO982 MXP NKG that Chinese authorities approved additional testing facility in Rome. Please note that this center can be used exclusively for the above mentioned CICC special charter flight.

The additional testing facility is listed here.

* N.B. For the testing center in Milan please refer to the latest address included in this list.



The new facility included is available ONLY for the first test to be done 72h before flight departure.

The second tests (36h before the flight) can be done only in the designated testing facilities previously notified, namely in the testing centers of Milan (Via Padova,107), Bologna and Firenze.

For more details on special testing requirements for this Charter flight please refer to the latest news on our website (HERE). 

We remind that to benefit from this fast-track channel all bookings must be made exclusively through Ambimed online system.

Please make sure to use the following promo code:



Please note that passengers can also use the following link which automatically bears the said promo code > https://www.ambimed-group.com/tamponi-covid19/?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=CCIC

For more information regarding all testing procedures and price please refer to the latest news on our website (here). 

˃˃ Please also note that this is a special fast-track channel that does not constitute an obligation for passengers, who remain free to choose any center available (among those designated by the Chinese Embassy to Italy), according to their own personal preferences.


Kind Regards,
The CICC Team

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