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12 一月 2023

The last session of the Mentorship Program, organized in collaboration with Gi Group Holding, was held on January 10th.

The third appointment focused on Sectors of Interest and Skills Building for Young Professionals.

This time, our Mentor, Daniele Merlerati, Regional Head at Gi Group Holding, briefly introduced the main sectors of interest in China, Europe, and globally, analyzed the latest demographic trends and key skills for young professionals.



Manufacturing is the most in-demand among the growing sectors of interest in the Chinese Market. The factories are looking for more skilled workers. In this respect, vocational schools are growing in China. But graduated students prefer other areas rather than getting a job in manufacturing.

The public sector is another growing industry. However, it seems less attractive; it gives more stability and balance between work and life.

There is a considerable mismatch between expectation and reality in the job market. Students need more information, and the reality usually doesn't fit their expectations. Numbers say that 15% of young professionals change jobs within six months.

His suggestion for recruiters and HR managers is to be clear and adjust the expectation of the young professionals from the beginning.

In Europe and globally, the situation is different. Every job seems in demand because of a low demographic level. The main problem is the need for more skilled people in any sector. The school system appears not aligned with the reality of the labor market.

Among the main sectors, the top three jobs in demand are software engineering, project management, and sales.

In recent years, some significant demographic trends in China are impacting the labor market. China has suffered a demographic decrease; the infertility rate is higher than before, and the low retirement age negatively impacts the welfare system.

In conclusion, Mr Merlerati focused on how to get the right skills and suggested skills for young professionals. Young people chose their university path moved by passions rather than considering the labor market. Graduated students find a different reality, different from the expected one.

What if you don't have the right skills, and how to get them?

It is not easy to move from one sector to another, but it is possible if you are willing to learn more. For young professionals who want to change sectors, there are executive training, online training, and master's, or they can learn by example by asking for colleagues' help.

As for suggested skills, our mentor pointed out that proactivity, responsibility, and hard work are the go-to among essential skills. These are three soft skills highly in demand, less available on the market, and much appreciated by managers. Acquiring these skills makes the difference between being successful in what you are doing and not being considered for a higher position in a company. 

"In a world where people want to work less, working hard makes the difference”.

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