Post Event: Beijing Seminar Dinner- Ecological Civilization: the path for a Beautiful China - July 10th, Beijing

11 七月 2018

Dear CICC Members and Friends,


On July 10th  the China - Italy Chamber of Commerce successfully held its first Seminar Dinner "Ecological Civilization: the path for a Beautiful China - Assessing China's efforts to promote green development". 

The seminar shed light on the policy framework guiding China's transition towards a sustainable development centred on the concept of Ecological Civilization (shengtai wenming 生态文明) promoted by the Chinese leadership.


The topic was insightfully presented by three speakers:

  • Mr Chen Jianguo (Director, Department of Forum&Exhibition All-China Environment Federation);
  • Prof. Paolo Farah (Professor of Climate Change, Trade, Energy, and Environmental Law and Policy at West Virginia University);
  • Mr Gabriele Scapin (General Manager of Riello Heating Equipment, CICC Member).


The seminar session was opened by the All-China Environmental Federation representative Mr Chen, who gave first-hand insights on the current importance of environment within China's political direction. Professor Farah, from West Virginia University, followed up offering an academic perspective on the topic, while Mr Scapin illustrated the practical experience of Riello Heating Equipment, an Italian company operating in the Chinese manufacturing sector.


The participants could take the discussion further during dinner in the beautiful setting of LIEVITO GOURMET PIZZA AND BAR and saw the active participation of both CICC Members and Non-Members.


The China-Italy Chamber of Commerce would like to thank the speakers and all the participants for the successful outcome of the event, with the hope to see everyone again at the next Beijing Seminar Dinner.


Kind regards,


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