Tongji University and CICC: New Chapter in Cooperation between Business and Academia

15 十一月 2022



The CICC Mechanical Engineering Working Group (MEWG) is working on a fruitful collaboration with Tongji University – an excellent channel to promote Italian brands and technologies while sharing knowledge and connecting companies with proactive and motivated students.

On Tuesday, November 15th, 30 participants joined a webinar focused on the MEWG cooperation with Tongji University, a major project that has long been in development. 

During the webinar, Prof. Yu Chunlong, a representative from Tongji University, gave a detailed introduction to Tongji University’s Mechanical Engineering Department, focusing on its history and development since the foundation of the Tongji German Medical School in 1907. In 2006, the agreement of Italian-Chinese University Projects was signed by the ministries. In 2019, the new Department of Mechanical Engineering was established. Including undergraduates, graduates, and doctoral students the Department of Mechanical Engineering involves more than 1,570 students.

Following this interesting description, Carlo NiziaMEWG Coordinator and Risk Management at UFI FILTERS, presented in detail the modalities of collaboration with the university on which the working group is working.


CICC MEWG and the Department of Mechanical Engineering of Tongji University will work on two channels:

1.  Academic Channel

Active participation in curricular activities in the second semester of the current academic year in nine different courses divided into three colleges with the cooperation of 11 professors.  

The activities will be articulated in the three followed modalities for each of the courses:

 Forum (Lecture) once per month - two hrs Lecture on a specific topic agreed upon between the proposing company (MEWG member) and the professor;
• Thesis or Project - three months research topic to be carried out by the students of the 4th year in cooperation with the company under the supervision of the professor;
• Summer School Internship - two weeks program (one in the company) with a specific project to be completed within the time allotted. This is a voluntary activity during the summer holidays.

2.  Information Cultural Channel

A program of videos, exhibitions, and lectures voted to introduce Italy and Italian Manufacturing to the student corps in order to create familiarity with the Italian lifestyle and excellence in manufacturing.

The two simultaneous ways of activities will prepare the stage and mindset of the student corps for Career Day and the Internships that the College of Mechanical Engineering will organize together with CICC MEWG once per year after the closing of the academic year.

Herewith are some of the topics that could be covered within the courses selected by Tongji University:

• "Intelligent Manufacturing Engineering Analysis Technology Testing and Sensing Technology"
• "Integrated Design of Intelligent Manufacturing System"
• "Mechanical Design"
• "Machine Vision Theory and Applications"
• "Smart Manufacturing Process"
• "Fluid Mechanics", "Energy Efficient Power System", "Energy Conservation and Energy Management"
• "Intelligent Technology of Production System"
• "Additive Manufacturing Technology"
• "Industrial Engineering Practice and Innovation“

This cooperation represents an important opportunity to cement Italy’s recognition as one of the best manufacturing Countries in Europe. 

All MEWG members are invited to express their interest in the activities described by sending an e-mail to before November 25th, 2022. 



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