Webinar on Patent Registration Strategies in China | Useful Tips for Businesses

17 十一月 2021

The preparation work for a patent registration is crucial to benefit the most from it. In the Webinar "Patent Registration Strategies in China: the Santoni Case Study", organized on November 15th 2021 by our Intellectual Property Working Group (IPWG) together with our Innovation and Technology Working Group (I&TWG), we tried to provide a comprehensive overview on such an important issue for companies operating in China.

Our speakers shared best practices and information on how to draft and to translate in the most effective way the claims of a patent to be registered in China, how to coordinate the filing of the same patent claims among various countries and jurisdictions, and some tips on how to try to extend patent protection with ancillary patent filings. 

Special thanks go to the speakers Carlo Geremia, IPWG Coordinator, Gianluca Giorgi, I&TWG Coordinator, Guilherme Campos, IPWG Vice Coordinator, Tiziano Sandonini, VP Product at Santoni Knitting Machinery Co., Ltd, Li Yang, Patent Attorney at SPTL, and Harvey Xiao, General Manager and Patent Attorney at Watson & Band.


We hope you enjoyed the discussion.


The CICC Team

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