Call for Vendors | Sino-Italian Food Festival, September 10th-12th, 2021 - Jiaxing

30 June 2021


Dear Members and Friends,
The China-Italy Chamber of Commerce (CICC) is organizing the “Sino-Italian Food Festival”, which will be held from September 10th till September 12th, 2021, in Meiwan Street, Jiaxing City, Zhejiang.



The Sino-Italian Festival will offer participants an unforgettable experience of Chinese and Italian cuisine. During the event, there is the possibility to explore the creation of the "Poetry and Painting Zhejiang, Hundred Counties and Thousands Dishes" tourist food brand in Zhejiang Province, Jiaxing organized a food selection activity throughout the city to select the most representative and popular 100 dishes, which constitute the 100 distinctive dishes of Jiaxing.


The value of Sino-Italian Food Festival
Italian food, as one of the four major cuisines in the world, has a profound influence in China. Jiaxing, as an important town of catering culture in the land of fish and rice, also has its own representative food. "Hundred Counties and Thousand Bowls" is an important part of Zhejiang Province's "Five Nurturing" project. In international cultural tourism exchanges, food must be an indispensable activity. Create high-quality and high-standard international food experience activities, so that taste buds can be satisfied with the collision of cultures, while attracting tourists and improving quality tourism. The event will invite a large number of Chinese and Italian food brands, operators, and tourism organizations to make their appearances to create a high-quality international comprehensive market that brings together food, cultural creation, and performances.

How to get involved?
Help us promoting both Chinese and Italian gastronomic excellencies. Sino-Italian Food Festival is an enriching experience, where participants will understand the uniqueness and value of both cuisines.

Become a vendor
CICC is looking for different Italian food importers and restaurants that are interested in having a booth within the Italian outdoor market. Each actor involved will have the opportunity to exhibit and sell their products-services within their booth.
Booth Price: 
CICC members: 500 RMB
Non-members: 700 RMB

Tent - 1 table - 2 chairs – electricity
Your company logo on the tent
• Send an email, including your company's presentation, specifying how you would like to get involved, to within 13 Aug 2021
• CICC will contact you regarding the details of the event.
• After evaluating the quotation, CICC will give you a feedback regarding the result.

• Participation in tendering is open to CICC Members and non-Members.
• Companies competing in the tender must have the necessary knowledge and experience and have the technical support and personnel capable to run the tender.
• Each company can submit only one tender.
• The tender is to be drafted in Italian or English, filled in and signed.
• It is the responsibility of the tenderer to study the specification and requirements before submitting the tender.

• The selection of the supplier will be made according to the event's requirements and the lowest bidding price received.
• If the bidding price is the same or the service/goods supplied are free of charge, CICC will give priority to its Members and it will select the first submitted bid meeting the standards required.
• If no applications are submitted by the Members of the Chamber, the Chamber has the right to select the most appropriate application submitted by one of the non-Member companies.
• The reservation number of booths are limited, and CICC members have the priority.


• In case of not meeting the conditions of the tendering process.
• In case of non-conformity with the hereby open call for tender.
• In case of submitting false data.
• Late submission.
• The results about the tendering shall be announced by email after proper evaluation.

For more details please click here to see the program of Sino-Italian Food Festival

Kind Regards,
The CICC Team

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