Cisano Immobiliare - Real Estate Properties in Liguria, Italy

11 April 2017

Cisano Immobiliare Ltd. is a company that is part of the Guidara Group. It acquires areas, develops projects, identifying potential buyers and realizes projects using the "with immediate entry" formula. The Group has been operating in the real estate construction industry for almost 50 years and has created many important projects in Liguria, both in the private and public sector. The pictures below show some of said projects.

The company is now looking for buyers or partners to develop new projects. For more details, please download the sheets with the projects details:


Alassio,Villa by the sea                                             Commercial Area


Hotel at Albenga                                                 Commercial Building at Cisano del Neva


Tower - Theatre at Alassio                                    Villa in a park


For more information, please contact the CICC at and/or Cisano Immobiliare at

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