F&B Working Group (FBWG)


Cristina Corsini
CEO of Good Italy LTD


Edward Liu

President of SinoDrink Trading Co. 


Daniele Salvo 

Bottega Restaurant General Manager and Co-Founder


Demian S. Loganathan 

Representative of Cantina Catering Management (Chongqing) Co., Ltd.


Cristiano Bernardi 

Founder of F5

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The F&BWG Working Group includes all companies working in the F&B / Ho.Re.Ca sector, such as manufacturers, companies that import Italian products to China, Italian restaurants, etc. Despite being one of the most fragmented and challenged sectors, F&B represents an incredible opportunity for Italian companies. This is why the CICC has decided to establish a dedicated working group.


What we do
The F&BWG promotes joint promotional activities and events, in order to avoid fragmentation and maximize the marketing appeal of Italian food culture.


Benefits for WG Members
Take part in the biggest Italian F&B community, exposition during the B2B and B2C events. The F&B working group keeps institutions and authorities constantly updated to raise awareness of the major challenges faced by its members in the Chinese market. The working group launched a WeChat Mini Program to enhance the online exposure of the members and drive traffic to their e-commerce platforms.


For more information, please contact infoguangdong@cameraitacina.com


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