Our Working Groups!

The Working Groups gather companies working within the same industry offering them the possibility to meet on a regular basis to share ideas, problems and resources, in order to work in a more efficient way, develop new projects and empower their visibility thanks to the sinergy with the CICC.


CICC Work Groups general rules


1. A Working Group of the CICC ("WG") may be established only upon approval of the Board (“Consiglio”, ref. Articles of Association) of CICC.

2. Setting-up of a WG may be proposed by a sufficient number of Members belonging to the same industry or operating in complementary businesses. Setting-up of a WG on a geographic (as opposed to industry-based) criteria is also possible.

3. Meetings of the WG should be organized periodically. The Members attending the WG meetings should all be current with the annual membership fee. Attendance by non Members should be allowed only for get-to-know purposes. Non Members may be invited as speakers or contributors.

4. The WG may autonomously organize its activities provided that CICC managers are informed and keep updated with the activities of the WG at all times and that the activities of the WG are always coordinated with the local CICC manager in view also of the calendar of events. To optimize the coordination, the WG may be assigned an e-mail address @cameraitacina.com, operated by the coordinator of the WG with local CICC manager also having access to it.

5. In the operations of the WG, no operational or financial commitment should be required by the CICC (provided that CICC managers may decide to provide assistance if deemed useful within the purposes of the CICC).

6. Each WG nominates one coordinator and one or more vice-coordinators, who must be supporting Members of the CICC. Nominations are renewed once every two years (within three months from each new Board’s election) and are to be approved by the Board of CICC (such approval to be sought immediately after the nomination of the new coordinator and vice-coordinator(s) by the WG). The approved coordinator and vice-coordinator(s) will have to consent in writing to this regulation and the Code of Conduct of the CICC. Ballot shall be cast through this form, to be sent to CICC staff. The coordinator of the WG shall keep at all times an updated contact list of the Members of the WG.

7. The WG, its coordinator and vice-coordinator(s) may not represent the Chamber vis-à-vis any third party (the logo of the CICC may not be used in any circumstance without prior approval of the Board of CICC) and may not in any way bind the CICC.

8. The WG coordinator agrees and coordinates with the local VP and the local CICC manager any activity which may have external visibility (including seminars and other activities whose attendance/ audience is not restricted to the WG Members only).


Visit the specific pages of the active working groups to collect more information and the contact details of its Coordinators.


Healthcare Working Group (HCWG)

Suzhou Working Group (SWG)

Service Providers Working Group (SPWG)

Nanjing Working Group (NWG)

Industry & Manufacturing Working Group (IMWG)

Italy China Travel Club (ICTC)

EEPWG (Energy and Environment protection Working Group)

Sport Working Group (SWG)

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