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The China Italy Chamber of Commerce, with the support of Istituto Nazionale Ricerche Turistiche - IS.NA.R.T. - and of Uniocamere, has decided to promote the project "ITALIAN HOSPITALITY, ITALIAN RESTAURANTS IN THE WORLD" which aims to create a network of Italian restaurants holding the “Italian Hospitality” certification in China.

What is the advantage of Italian restaurants to hold the “Ospitalità Italiana” certification?

Obtaining the “Italian Hospitality” certificate will provide Italian restaurants in China with a specific advantage compared to  competitors in the market; the certificate is a guarantee of the usage of authentic Italian products and thus of their level of quality provide.

Furthermore, international tour operators pay always close attention to promote businesses with recognized certifications and this plays also a major role when it comes to customers affiliations.

The “Italian Hospitality” certificate increases the reputation of the structure and improves its image; restaurants will benefit not only economically but also by receiving the feedback by the awarding jury.

By taking part in the initiative, restaurants will enjoy additional promotions being published on on websites, mobile apps and social networks, both of the CICC and IS.NA.R.T., the commission awarding the "Italian Hospitality, Italian Restaurants in the World" certification and the top restaurants rated by customers.


Objectives of the initiative

  • develop and promote the traditions of Italian agri-food products and enhance the Italian food and wine culture;
  • enhance the image of Italian restaurants in China that respect the quality standards of Italian hospitality;
  • create an international network that allows the realization of promotional events of Italian production excellence.


Criteria to obtain the certificate

To obtain this certificate, the restaurant has to meet all the requirements put forward by the disciplinary. The main criteria are:

  • Identity and distinctness;
  • Hospitality;
  • Mise en place;
  • Cooking;
  • Menu;
  • Gastronomic offer;
  • Wine list;
  • Use of extra-virgin olive oil;
  • Experience and competence;
  • Use of PDO and PGI products.

Inspections will be carried out by the China Italy Chamber of Commerce and will be aimed at verifying that the required criteria are positively met. During the inspections, supporting material necessary to the evaluation will be produced (photographs, videos, interviews, etc.).
Applications will be then evaluated by the awarding committee, composed of experts from the main institutions and organizations involved in the project. The committee will evaluate and issue the certification "Italian Hospitality, Restaurants Italians in the World”.


How to participate

Whoever owns a restaurant and would like to get the "Italian Hospitality, Italians Restaurants in the World” certificate, should contact with the following attachments filled out: the ''participation form'' and the ''chef experience form''. 

The deadline to submit the applications for the 2019 edition is April 7th, 2019.


Participation Fees

  • Free for Supporting Members
  • 500 RMB for Members
  • 1000 RMB for Non-Members


Award ceremony

The authentic restaurants will be awarded the "Italian Hospitality, Italians Restaurants in the World” certificate, prize and plate to exhibit.

The award ceremonies will take place during CICC’s main events with greater visibility. More specifically, the 2019 award ceremonies will be held in:

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