"The secret of a company’s success is employees’ happiness" Gi Group

06 July 2020

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The China-Italy Chamber of Commerce is glad to share an article published by its Member Gi Group:

"According to recent studies, nearly 70% of workers are not satisfied with their work, forcing companies to take measures that change a trend that inevitably worries. Today, Gi Group wants to give you the keys to happiness at work

Nowadays, it has been more than demonstrated that a happy employee is much more productive, able to affects the company's income statement.

Although it may seem difficult, finding happiness at work is not impossible. In general, it is quite easy for companies to identify if they have happy workers on their staff, since those who are not tend to follow a pattern based on lack of motivation, lack of relationship with their colleagues, constant lateness or in search of a new job.

A manager thinks that a good salary is the starting point for the pursuit of happiness for his employees, but it is not the only thing that a company can offer them to make them feel happy in the work environment. There are some very simple measures we could adopt to reach our goal, like the following:

Recognition: Basic and elementary. Knowing how to recognize a job well done, valuing the effort made in carrying out tasks, is a great incentive for any worker. Feeling valued increases motivation and loyalty to the company.

Growth: When an employee knows the development possibilities that exist in his company, he is capable of giving the maximum with an extra of motivation. Knowing that he can develop as professionals and that he will not be limited is a great advantage.

Communication: When we work in a company we want to know, we need to understand the why of our work and the objective of what we do. When an employee feels part of a project, and has the closeness of his superiors, everything works much better and it is easier to get positive feelings.

Responsibility: Assigning responsibilities to a worker also helps in achieving his happiness, since it fosters his initiative and his level of commitment. Knowing that our work is important is always a good starting point.

Reward: The salary is clearly still the most important motivator, but workers increasingly value other forms of reward, mainly linked to greater family and work balance, such as the possibility of teleworking or flexible working hours.

Care: At Gi Group we are clear that the heart of any company is its people. For this reason, it is important to take care of the teams, to compromise them by creating the necessary environment so that they can work in the best possible way and help them to achieve a mental, physical and emotional balance, to promote engagement in a healthy environment.


To achieve happiness, the workers must also do their part. Being empathetic, communicative, kind, positive or resilient are some of the skills that can help us achieve happiness at work.

In short, seeking the happiness of employees must be one of the main objectives of a company, since having happy people not only helps to increase the productivity, but also favors the achievement of the objectives and is essential for the talent retention. Do not hesitate, invest in happiness!".


Gi Group

Gi Group is one of the world’s leading companies providing services for the development of the labour market. The Group is active in the fields of temporary and permanent staffing, search and selection, HR consulting and training, as well as in a variety of complementary activities.


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